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Selling with CafePress

Pick the money making option that's best for you, never any upfront costs


In just a few easy clicks, create a sale-ready collection of products on CafePress. There's no shop involved, no shop management - instead we market your products and you earn the money!

Take your creativity to the next level.

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Do you have a website, blog, or built-in audience?

The Shops service provides an online shop where you can, design, manage, and sell your own branded merchandise on your website. If you already have an audience, this is the pick for you!

  • Get your own branded online shop
  • Choose from more than 450 products to sell
  • Earn a royalty on every sale from your shop
  • Make even more money when you reach bonus level (the more you sell, the bigger the bonus!)
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Partner Program

Interested in making money promoting CafePress products?

Become an Affiliate and join the CafePress Partner Program! Choose from over 300 million products to sell. There's no product to design or shop to set up – all you do is the marketing.

  • Easy-to-use affiliate program
  • Choose from millions of products to promote
  • Use Tools to help boost revenue
  • You market the product, then earn a royalty on each sale
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Fan Portals

Create celeb-worthy products for top entertainment shows and movies and design your way to stardom!

CafePress fan portals make it easy to create T-shirts, bags, coffee mugs, and more for your favorite Television shows, movies, comics, and more!

  • Pick your favorite entertainment brand
  • Channel your inner pop culture junkie
  • Design award-winning products!
  • Upload your designs & tag your images
  • Spread the word and make money launching yourself to top celebrity status!
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Make money selling t-shirts, the fun and easy way.

Tfund is an easy way to turn your design idea into cash. It's fast, easy, and free. No cost, no inventory, no risk!

  • Design your tee
  • Set your goal
  • Spread the word
  • Reach your goal
  • Earn the profits
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